Supervisory and mid-management levels

  • Course Duration2 to 3 days
  • Course Start---
  • Instructor---


These levels provide the core of any business, as such the IEMS aim to provide vocational and academically routed Programmes linked with a Continuous Professional Development (CPD) award where necessary. The Programmes below are our planned Programmes, however, the IEMS will provide bespoke Programmes where required and on request. Also refer to ‘Specialist Programmes’

What will you learn
  • Section 1

    Train the Trainer Programmes specifically aimed at the above operational Programmes.

  • Section 2

    5 Star Customer experience skills.

  • Section 3

    Performance Management and Motivation.

  • Section 4

    Business Writing Skills.

  • Section 5

    Frontline Leading and Managing.

Section 1

Train the Trainer programme aimed at Operational Staff

The aim of this train the trainer course is designed for workplaces that need trainers that will hit the ground running as soon as possible. This is not a box ticking exercise for passing assessments, this Train the Trainer Training programme is designed to benefit employees that are being asked to deliver training in the workplace. Participants learn about learning needs, planning and developing different types of training, delivering and assessing the success of the training

  • Planning and delivering training
  • How to communicate one’s message effectively
  • Develop techniques to engage trainees
  • How to assess and validate what has been taught
  • Pre and post course evaluation forms the importance of
  • Those attending this programme will have gained sufficient knowledge to work effectively as a trainer within a busy operational environment and understand the barriers that exist with various types of nationalities and competence levels.

Section 2

5 Star Customer Service

The success of any business - however large or small - is directly related to your customer service delivery. This engaging, interactive, fun, motivational one day Customer Service programme is designed to provide participants with the skills to deliver outstanding customer service – aiming for 5 Star Customer Service.

To provide Participants with a level of understanding of the importance of the Customer to the business outcomes and the objectives of the organization and in particular

  • What is Customer Service
  • The Objectives of Customer Focus
  • Understanding Customer Expectations
  • Develop relationship with customers – both internal and external
  • Communication
  • Listening skills
  • Questioning skills
  • Problem identification and generating solutions for the customers’ needs.
  • Developing a strategy for ongoing development of the level of Customer Service delivery

    The benefits to Participants of this programme are that they will:

  • Learn the value of the customer as they directly relate to the objectives of the organization.
  • Understand the value of having a clearly defined customer focus
  • Understand the importance of Listening to the Customer
  • Understand strategies for dealing with difficult situations – to get the best results
  • Understand how to make proactive customer-focus a priority
  • Understand the principles of a concept of 5 Star Customer Service
  • Be able to develop a plan for improved customer service with clearly stated and achievable objectives.

Section 3

Performance Management and Motivation

Performance management and effective performance conversations play and integral part to the successful delivery of organizations outcomes. Managing performance enables managers to ensure that the organizational objectives are being met, by following a structured, formal - as well as informal - process managers can adjust, improve, refine, monitor and manage performance in relation to the desired outcomes.

    As a result of this course participants will

  • Understand and be able to demonstrate skills for conducting what are often seen as ‘difficult’ conversations.
  • Understand the role of Performance Management in driving organizational objectives
  • Understand the principles and the psychology of motivation
  • Understand the importance of KPI’s in delivering specific of performance outcomes
  • Understand how to set up the Performance Appraisal process
  • Be able to effectively conduct a Performance Appraisal feedback/reporting session to staff
  • Understand the value of Performance Coaching in lifting performance
  • Understand and will have practiced the GROW coaching process
  • Understand how to develop a performance coaching plan
  • Be able to help staff develop a Personal Development Plan relayed to performance improvement and achieving KPI’s
  • This two-day, highly interactive course will give participants a thorough understanding of how to manage – and lift – performance in their staff. The elements of coaching, motivating, building and supporting a performance culture will be key elements in this presentation

Section 4

Business Writing Skills

This is a two-full day interactive and practical programme that will equip delegates with the skills to be able to communicate using writing skills that enhance the ability to be effective, write clearly and simply and appropriately.

The objectives of the programme are to build skills and knowledge in and around:

  • Introduction to business writing
  • Why we need to write effectively
  • Avoiding the common errors and pitfalls in written communication
  • Writing effective emails
  • Writing CVs and Resumes
  • Writing proposals
  • Those attending this programme will have gained sufficient knowledge to write more effectively within a business environment whether that is government, non-profit, private organizations large or small. Delegates are required to bring a laptop to this course to complete the exercises and activities of the programme

Section 5

Frontline Leading and Managing

Leadership and managing skills are critical to productivity and performance. This programme is designed for front line managers and emerging leaders

  • The role of the Manager
  • Interpersonal skills for Managers
  • Recognizing and honouring and working with a difference
  • Identifying and working personality types through the Myers Briggs Type Indicator
  • Understanding and working with interpersonal flexibility
  • The programme will emphasize the skills required as a front-line manager with a visionary route provided for emerging leaders; as such participants will be given activities based on the learning of each day. Following attendance delegates will receive weekly emails with tips and reminders for 52 weeks


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